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The Jäger Artist is not just good storytelling, but a cultural feast—an immersion in the tasty but unfamiliar Gulasch of a foreign clime. With irony and humor, Rigby teases, intrigues, then builds to full throttle and Autobahn speed when Preston Wright arrives in Berlin late in life to study art. In this fast moving thriller Rigby takes us along for the ride and introduces us not only to the contemporary aesthetic of German art, architecture and high and low culture, but to its 18th Century antecedents as well. And with the story’s undertow of sin, death and tragedy, it has an operatic quality that reflects the protagonist’s love of the art form, and indeed the baroque world with which he identifies. The author skillfully interweaves themes of newly acquired wealth, art, religion, fatherhood, business, modern day slavery, hunting and sex that belie a savvy knowledge of the longings of an eccentric American boomer male. This is a man’s book that every woman should read. A Faustian Tale with an American-German bent.

Reviews and Interviews

“The Jager Artist takes a new twist on Goethe's Faust. Its central character, Preston Wright, is a recently retired businessman who uses his wealth to travel to Germany to study art, only to get caught up in sex, murder and vainglory. I found the book intelligent, thoughtful and highly readable. I chatted with Rigby recently about his experience writing it.”
“Astute Thriller a study of hedonistic reverie, ”
terrific debut novel, ”
“...shows great understanding of human nature in all its guilt, selfishness, generosity, empathy and endless conflicting emotions.”

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“Larry Rigby’s compelling debut novel boldly plays off the countervailing tensions of male vanity, aesthetic glory, satisfying revenge and redemptive sacrifice. His surgically re-sculptured New Man’s moneyed exit from a stifling corporate career to pursue artistic ambitions in bohemian Berlin, will bring unexpected, dizzying success and a confusing tilt to his moral equilibrium.”

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“With The Jäger Artist Rigby emerges as America's New Günter Grass (but, we regret, without the mustache)…A worthwhile read for the Germanophile and the dilettante alike…it is like a full-bodied Riesling with a complex bouquet and nutty character. You will want to drink the whole bottle.”